Pete Doherty’s Kitten Smokes Crack

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Kate Moss’ ex-boyfriend and junkie, Pete Doherty, was high in life after his cat, Dinger, gave birth to five kittens. He was so excited that he got one of them addicted to crack. Female First reports:

Pete Doherty has been pictured apparently forcing his cat to smoke crack cocaine. The Babyshambles frontman is seen holding a crack pipe over the face of a kitten…A source told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “Pete thinks it’s hilarious to get it wasted. He even made a mini-crack pipe out of a bottle so it can get the maximum hit. “But the kitten is getting really bad withdrawal symptoms. It has lost some of its balance and takes huge risks jumping over things that are too high. It thinks it can fly. It’s really distressing to see.”

Yeah, that’s hilarious. What would be even more hilarious is if he tried that with something not totally and completely defenseless. Maybe a Siberian tiger or a panther. C’mon Pete, walk in that tiger cage and try to put a crack pipe in its face. Man, that would be riot!

Pete at W. London Magistrates Court last month:

Note: Please trust me when I say that it is my sincere wish that this piece of shit ends up chained to an engine block behind Michael Vick’s house.