Teri Hatcher is Still a Bitch

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Hey look, another wonderful story about Hollywood’s sweetheart, Teri Hatcher. New York Daily News reports:

For such a little lady, Teri Hatcher needs her freakin’ space. The Desperate Housewife pitched a diva-fit at Thursday afternoon’s Badgley Mischka show, shunning interviews and demanding the backstage W lounge be closed down for herself. We happened to be in the W and graciously got up when Hatcher squealed, “I need these seats.” When the Desperate One spied us listening to her demands to assistants (about her hair, clothing and makeup), her peeps at Badgley M had us removed. We were happy to go.”

Wow, Teri Hatcher better start being more careful. I’d hate for her to get the reputation of being an uncontrollable bitch.