Amy Winehouse is Trying to Get Pregnant

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Deciding that rehab just wasn’t the right thing for her after she fell into a coma due to an overdose of heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, horse tranquilizers, and ketamine in a London bar on August 8th, Amy Winehouse is doing what any heroin addict would do. She’s making well thought out, logical decisions. Her plan to help her and her husband solve their relationship problems and kick drugs? A baby. NME reports:

…that hasn’t stopped her “friend” revealing that Amy and Blake have been rutting like rabbits in an attempt to get her pregnant. “She really believes having a baby would help them put their troubles behind them,” the “buddy” explained.”

Trust me, a baby won’t solve your problems. I was in a bank one time when it was robbed and when the dude wanted my wallet I tried to give him the baby of the lady standing next to me. Turns out he still wanted my wallet. I hope that baby’s happy. Thanks for nothing, you little bastard.

Aww yeah, baby: