Victoria Beckham Wants to Be Safe

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Victoria Beckham has reportedly hired extra bodyguards after a “gorgeous teenage girl” breached Toronto’s King Edward Hotel security and went into David Beckham’s bedroom. Beckham, in town with the L.A. Galaxy, told his wife who allegedly “hit the roof.”

This creepy girl was clearly determined to come face-to-face with David. “She kept saying his name over and over and acted like she knew him – even though she clearly didn’t. “It was like something out of a stalker flick. She was using her feminine wiles but everyone was worried about the intense look in her eyes.”…”It’s still not clear whether this was an attempt by the stalker girl to have a romantic liaison with David or whether she actually wanted to do him some harm. That’s why Victoria took it so seriously and that’s why it freaked her out so much.”

Yeah, whatever. David Beckham hit that. Why wouldn’t he? He could sit in the audience at the Miss Universe pageant and he still might the prettiest thing within three miles. Posh Spice looks like she was raised from the dead. I know that sort of thing is in the Bible, but it’s really not as cool as it sounds

Posh Spice working hard at the Bacara Resort a few days ago: