Amy Winehouse Might Go to Rehab

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After being released from a London hospital for an apparent drug overdose, sources say that Amy Winehouse is considering checking in to rehab. Although her label Island records said she was suffering from “severe exhaustion,” Winehouse arrived at the emergency room semi-conscious and had to have her stomach pumped. Daily Mail reports:

Despite growing concern at her wild partying, the star had always said she would not seek professional help. But a friend revealed she’s “very close” to changing her mind, adding: “Amy got a massive fright when she was hospitalized and is finally coming round to everybody’s pleadings with her to go to rehab. “She now realizes she may need help as her lifestyle finally take its toll. She’s currently discussing the best plan of action with close friends and family.”

Wow, how out of touch with reality do you have to be to OD then list rehab as an “option?” I’d really like to see this idiot’s list. “Hey guys, I almost died from drugs, any suggestions? Treatment to control my addiction? Ok, that’s good, write that one down. Yeah, yeah, I can see where you’re going with that, we’ll come back to that one.”

Amy Winehouse on August 1st in SoHo: