Tom Cruise Uses Serena Williams

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Serena Williams showed up at Tom Cruise’s thinly veiled Scientology recruitment gathering which was disguised as a more absurd event to welcome Posh Spice and her husband to the United States …

This “woman” is so butt ugly, I’m confused as to why I’m supposed to be politically correct and say nice things about her because I’m white and she’s not, or whatever other stupid reasons I’m given to not point out her ugliness any time we post about her. Okay, yeah, the several pounds of makeup she’s wearing, and that zit on her chest, and the piece of double sided tape stuck on her tit, which was intended to keep her manly, saggy breasted torso from busting that shirt open are really pretty. Oh, and I love the crop dusting of gold glitter all over her which is seeping from the corners of her eyes and every hair and pore on her body. She looks like Jagermeister flavored Goldschlager.