Madonna is Reasonable

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Reporters who were waiting to interview Madonna after her performance at Live Earth were in disbelief when they were told they must maintain eye contact with Madonna at all times. The reporters were also informed they were not allowed to look down to their notes and that if the questions were not memorized, the interview would be immediately terminated. MSNBC reports:

We thought her people were just joking,” a source told the paper. “But it soon became apparent that they were deadly serious.” Interviewers were also given a list of questions they were not allowed to ask: no inquiries about the state of her marriage to director Guy Ritchie, about their adoption of a Malawian child, or about her religion, Kabbalah.”

Excuse me for not being the world’s biggest Madonna fan, but I hope most of the reporters laughed and walked out. Maybe I’m confused, but I didn’t know being in a book that has pictures of you getting eaten out by some dude in a dog collar or being bent over on stage by a black transvestite in a horse mask suddenly makes you Jesus. Where I’m from, that usually makes you a victim of a hate crime.

Madonna and the zit on her breast on July 10th: