Jay-Z is Getting Sued

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The 40/40 Club, which is co-owned by Jay-Z, has been hit with a lawsuit for playing music with out paying royalties. Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI), who filed on behalf of a list of artists which includes Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and R. Kelly, claim Jay-Z’s club played songs without proper licensing. TMZ reports:

Although Jay-Z and Pharrell are musical pals (they collaborated on “Frontin’), Williams is still demanding some coin from the Jiggaman — Pharrell’s song “Touch” was allegedly played without a license. A rep for the 40/40 Club says the club hasn’t been served with legal papers, and adds that “under no circumstance” would songs by R. Kelly, whose tune “Thoia Thoing” is mentioned in the suit, be played in Hova’s house.”

This is the kind of music they play during drug deals or when a troubled juvenile overcomes obstacles by using his fierce dance moves to win the competition, so Jay-Z better pay up before he gets shot or gets served. In fact, I’m a little concerned that Jay-Z didn’t already know about this. Judging by the size of his nose, he should have smelled that something was up.

Jay-Z and Beyonce in St. Tropez a couple days ago:

Image Source: Benuri.com