Victoria Beckham is a Big Winner

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Victoria Beckham won an undisclosed amount of libel damages after London’s High Court ruled that Star magazine falsely reported that crew members on her upcoming reality show, Victoria Beckham: Coming To America, said the singer was a “grade A bitch” and “very picky, demanding and rude.” Gerrard Tyrell, Beckham’s lawyer, also said the April article claimed that Victoria shouts at her husband, David Beckham, “like he’s one of her kids.”

The show is designed to make her a star in the States, but she’s dreaming if she thinks that’s going to happen,” Tyrell said the magazine wrote. “She’s coming off as a grade A bitch!” Tyrrell told judge David Eady that filming on the show had not started when the article was written, so the crew could not have commented on her alleged behaviour. “The story was therefore completely inaccurate and defamatory of Mrs. Beckham,” he added.”

The only reason anybody will watch her dumb show is to look at her husband, so there’s zero chance she’ll ever be a star in America. That’s hard to do when every single story you hear about her is how big of a bitch she is. She could go on a killing spree while robbing a bank and it would be the best PR she’s had in about a year.

Victoria at the Dodgers game mentioned in the article:

Super sexy update: Victoria Beckham is scheduled to have surgery to remove the bunions that cover her ate up feet from years of wearing stiletto heels. Yum!