Paris Hilton is Released From Jail Again

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I couldn’t sleep tonight and now I know why. My body wanted to keep me awake so I could receive this really good news from TMZ:

After 23 days in jail, Paris Hilton is finally a free woman.

The heiress was released from prison shortly after midnight on Tuesday. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that Paris has lost nearly 10 pounds during her stay and that on her way out of jail, she stopped to change clothes in a public restroom that “smells rancid.”

Sources also tell TMZ that Lynwood jail is happy to see Paris go and they hope that now things can get back to normal. Don’t we all.

Story developing …”

Why do people always refer to the Retarded Ostrich as “the heiress?” Why not “the herpes spreader” or “cum crusted saggy eyelid-girl” or “puke?” those descriptions seem to make more sense, and you don’t need to bother with that pesky “i before e, except after c” rule.

Paris Hilton Released From Jail

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