Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey are Protected

* Images removed per request of alleged copyright holder.

Here are Vanessa (who??) Minnillo and Nick (who?) Lachey at some club opening last night. As much as I hate to help make Vanessa famous, I was too distracted by the bodyguard pictured not to post these. Why would you want some 600 pound sweaty pig for your bodyguard? So he can huff, puff and pant his way through the crowd and hopefully not die of a heart attack before he reaches your car? Your bodyguard should look like a Navy Seal, or Army Ranger, or Secret Service agent, not … this. And what’s with the “Black Panther Party WARRIOR” t-shirt? He doesn’t look a militant black dude. He looks like a guy The Minuteman corps would find stuck in a fence at the border.