Nicole Richie Should Be in Jail

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While Paris Hilton is off to jail and Lindsay Lohan is due in court, Nicole Richie has apparently slipped through the iron fist of California law enforcement and presently retains driving privileges. Surprised?

…Deputy District Attorney Ed Greene, a prosecutor assigned to Nicole’s DUI case, who admitted, “I am a little surprised too.” However, Greene pointed out that until Richie is actually convicted of DUI, the decision to revoke or suspend her license is up to the folks at the California DMV. Greene added, “They generally do it quicker than this.” We contacted the California DMV to try and get some answers, and the rep said: “I have no idea why Nicole still has her license.”

Just so we’re perfectly clear, Nicole Richie was arrested and charged with heroin possession and driving with a suspended license in February 2003. Last December, Richie was charged with a DUI after driving the wrong way down an exit ramp high on marijuana and Vicodin. Jesus, what does it take to get your license taken away in California? Does a backpack have to be stuck to your grill or isn’t swerving into the school zone while you’re drunk enough? Do you have to get out and set the old lady who you ran over on fire, too, or is just her just being paralyzed good enough for them to start the paperwork? I’d rather take a ride with Stunt Man Mike than walk down the street in California.

Nicole yesterday in L.A.:

Note: That horrifying banner picture of her in the orange dress is from last weekend.

Source: TMZ