Lisa Lopes Died on Video

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If you missed the VH1 documentary, Last Days of Left Eye, disturbing video footage is online of the car accident that killed TLC member, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. The video, shot inside the rented minivan, was part of Lopes’ video diary of her time in La Ceibas, Honduras. Lopes, who was killed instantly, was the only fatality of the eight people inside the vehicle.

With the full support and cooperation of the Lopes family, VH1 was granted unprecedented access to Lisa’s film archive and most private journals. What emerges is an intimate and surprising journey into the soul of a beautiful, talented and still-provocative artist.”

My part time job as an elite government assassin grants me the opportunity to visit many beautiful and exciting places. Other times, I go to places like Honduras. Like next week, where my to do list includes “infiltrate drug cartel” and “not renting a minivan.”

This video might be disturbing to some, so you’ve been warned: Lopes

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Here is Lisa Lopes in her casket, and please DO NOT click this NSFW thumbnail if you’re sensitive to gory death stuff:

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