The Joker is Scary

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Through what appears to be a guerrilla marketing campaign, Warner Bros. has released the first image of Heath Ledger as The Joker in the upcoming, The Dark Knight. In a response to Warner Bros.’ teaser site for the film, which shows a political ad for D.A. Harvey Dent (Two Face), comic book shop owners say that they’ve found Joker cards mysteriously planted all over their stores with the, “I Believe in Harvey Dent Too!“, handwritten on them.

Whew, I was worried there for a while. It’s Hollywood, so I fully expecting The Joker to be reinvented as a feisty black woman or a flamboyantly gay dude with a toy chihuahua and smudged eyeliner, but when they announced Heath Ledger, I a little less pissed. Now, I’m ecstatic. Ledger looks fuckin’ creepy as hell here. This movie doesn’t come out until next summer, but sources tell me that it’s going to be damn near perfect. Trust me. My sources may or may not include my Batman action figures and Tatyana, my new Russian wife I met online. She likes to nod and cry in the bathroom. When my grandma tucked me in last night, she said that Tatyana might be the one!