Johnny Depp is Going to Marry Vanessa Paradis

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After eight years and two children, Johnny Depp, 43, and Vanessa Paradis, 34, have planned to wed this summer. Sources say the couple have thought about getting married before, but after their 7 year old daughter, Lily-Rose, had a recent life-threatening ordeal, the pair have been “spurred into action.” The Daily Mail reports:

The Pirates Of The Caribbean star and Vanessa, 34, kept a vigil at their daughter’s bedside. Depp, 43, refused to return to the set of his latest film Sweeney Todd in London until she was out of danger, forcing filming to be stopped. The source, who lives in the village, said: ‘Johnny and Vanessa have one of the strongest relationships in Hollywood but after their daughter was taken ill the family became an even closer-knit unit. ‘They have talked about marriage on and off for a long time but the recent emotional roller-coaster they have had to endure seems to have spurred them into action.”

Vanessa Paradis must have bathed lepers and fed the hungry in a past life, because Johnny Depp is one of America’s greatest living actors and Vanessa Paradis holds the title of World’s Ugliest Pop Star. 9 out of 10 dentists agree she should probably just start over.