Sean Stewart is an Asshole

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Sean Stewart, son of Rod Stewart and “star” of the A&E reality show Sons of Hollywood, is being sued by a married couple, Tolabus and Ericka Stein, after Stewart attacked them outside a private Hollywood house party last month. Stewart, allegedly upset that people leaving the party were teasing him because he was denied entry, reportedly threw rocks, bricks, a mailbox, and a trashcan at the couple’s Ford F150. When the glass was broken, Stewart began punching the couple. Mrs. Stein receive “massive lacerations” and was treated at nearby Cedars Sinai Hospital. TMZ reports:

According to the documents, the couple endured “shock, horror, fright, worry, grief, shame, embarrassment, anger, chagrin and nausea.” The Steins are seeking unspecified damages. Calls to Stewart’s rep were not immediately returned.”

I was born and live in the South, so I don’t see many spoiled rich boys with popped collars and hair gel throwing hissy fits like this. Mostly because if this would have happened down here, this lady would’ve had one or twelve older brothers. Then instead of this asshole lounging by the pool waiting for daddy’s money and lawyers to make this go away, he’d be in traction waiting for the nurse to adjust his morphine drip.

Read the lawsuit here.

Rachel Hunter, the best thing Rod Stewart has ever done: