Annie Lennox’s Daughter Knows How to Party

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Annie Lennox’s 16 year old daughter, Lola, sent private email invites to about 30 of her friends letting them know she’d be throwing a party at the home of her father, film producer Uri Fruchtmann, while he was out of town. That email was soon spread to websites like MySpace and shit almost literally hit the fan.

A friend of the family told the Mail: ‘It all started off pleasantly enough. It was unusually busy – but everyone just assumed Lola must have been a very popular young lady.

‘People just kept coming and coming – there was a constant stream of them turning up from all over London and further afield. It got to a point when it was shoulder to shoulder and then a band turned up completely unannounced.’

The friend added: ‘At first it was just lamps being knocked over and drinks being spilled.

But as things got worse people were urinating on the carpet in the corner of the living room, then there was graffiti being scrawled on and even etched into the walls, pictures were being taken down and damaged, CDs went missing, books were taken off bookshelves and pages were inexplicably ripped out.

‘Lola’s friends were totally outnumbered and the gate-crashers would not leave. The front door was locked shut to make sure no one else could get in, but the ones outside actually rammed it in, breaking its hinges.’

Meanwhile the people inside were getting even more rowdy.

‘There was a fight in the garden, someone had deliberately filled the sink with detergent and let it run over so it flood the place. There was vomit on the stairs, and cigarette burns on the carpets, cans and bottles strewn inside and out. The place was a like a bombsite.

‘Thankfully Lola at least had the foresight had taken many of the more expensive pictures off the walls and the put the more valuable ornaments out of the way before the party.’

Eventually Lola’s girlfriends called the police – as did the next door neighbours – and they were all turned out onto the street at about midnight.

A friend of the family added last night that Lola had been punished by bring ‘grounded’ by her parents for an indefinite period.”

I don’t see what’s so wrong with peeing on the carpet. That’s why people have carpet, right? I mean, it’s essentially a giant maxi pad they throw on the floor which they only wash, rinse out or throw away on certain occasions. It’s pretty gross when you think about it. Not as gross as candid photos of Cameron Diaz, but pretty damn gross.

Thanks for the heads up, Jackie!