Kate Moss Loves White Powder

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Celebrating the runaway success of her new Topshop range, Kate Moss left London’s China Tang restaurant at 9:30 to head home, but the usual short car ride home turned into hours. When Kate was photographed arriving home at midnight, she had white powder all down her jeans. The Daily Mail reports:

But what she got up to in the two-and-a-half hours between leaving Park Lane and arriving at her north London home remains a mystery. Wearing her trademark waistcoat and skinny black jeans, she climbed into the car looking calm and serious. By the time she got out, without the waistcoat, she seemed a little the worse for wear. After the scandal two years ago, when a photograph allegedly showed Moss snorting cocaine, you might think she would have been extra careful with the paparazzi about.”

I really need to move to London. This is the second time Kate Moss has been seen covered in cocaine and her boyfriend basically doesn’t care who knows he’s a drug addict, but they continue to walk the streets. I set a few puppies on fire in my yard, and all of a sudden I’m a bad guy. Where’s the justice?

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Update: That couldn’t be cocaine, because she’s never been caught snorting it over her lap before!

Kate Moss and Pete Doherty at the NME Awards: