Russians Love Jennifer Lopez

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Andrei Melnichenko, a 35 year old Russian banker whose net worth is estimated at $5 billion, has reportedly offered Jennifer Lopez $2 million to sing (yeah, you heard me) at his wife’s 30th birthday party. In addition to Lopez’s $1.2 million fee, the tycoon is paying $800,000 to cover Lopez and her entourage’s expenses.

Andrei and Aleksandra are both very great fans of J. Lo, so Andrei put the call in and personally put the offer to [Lopez’]’ a source told London’s Daily Mail. “She accepted immediately. She will sing for about 40 minutes — not bad money for the work.” A London spokesman for the tycoon would say only: “This is strictly a private party for close friends and family.”

This clearly has to be some kind of joke, because there’s no way someone would pay 2 million dollars just to have Jennifer Lopez sing live, right? Maybe they’re gonna put her in one of those things at the fair where you have to throw the ball to dunk her in the water. This really can be the only explanation, because I’d rather hear firetrucks at an orphanage that hear this has been screech some song in a language she can’t even speak.

J-Lo and corpse yesterday in London: