Lindsay Lohan Likes Girls Now

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Former Hollywood publicist Jonathan Jaxson has revealed that Lindsay Lohan and DJ Samantha Ronson are more than just friends:

Maybe she was tired of the boys and that is why she decided to spice it up with BFF Samantha Ronson,” notes Jaxson. But another source dismisses the talk. “Oh, please, that’s silly,” says the source. “Lindsay just loves to have fun and mix it up a bit.”

So I guess Lindsay has either completely run out of men to bang or penis just isn’t doing it for her anymore. In penis’ defense, you’re expecting a bit much when the vagina looks like an inner tube. At this point, they should just use her vagina for something more practical. Maybe a horror movie. Six friends explore a deep cave only to be trapped inside and hunted by a savage predator with an insatiable hunger for blood! Dun, dun, dun!

Lindsay with Samantha Ronson:


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