Lindsay Lohan Gets Hacked

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Lindsay Lohan’s private MySpace account, Blackberry and Gmail accounts were hacked and several of her private messages have been posted online. The unnamed hacker promises a full website with all the hacked photos, messages and emails in the next 3-4 days. What’s online thus far are some of her “conversations” with Paris Hilton, “Shannaxoxo” (Shanna Moakler, Travis Barker’s wife/ex-wife/whatever), Stavros (Stavros Niarchos, Paris Hilton’s on/off boyfriend) and “Sam Young” (Lindsay’s alleged “lesbian lover,” DJ Samantha Ronson).

From Stavros Niarchos’ MySpace:

I really hope no one thought this was going to be Lindsay listing her favorite Bible stories or expounding on her views on foreign policy, because if you were expecting something other than Lindsay sounding like a dumb whore, sorry. She lives on semen and drama, so of course this is going to sound like junior high. Which reminds me, Tiffany said you were fat. Girl, I know! She’s just jealous, and totally doesn’t want u 2 make the squad.

Note: For those questioning whether or not these MySpace accounts are “real,” this is Lindsay Lohan’s hacked MySpace address. And this is Paris Hilton’s alleged personal MySpace address. When you view Paris Hilton’s MySpace without the code which blocks you from seeing Paris Hilton’s “Top Friends,” Lindsay Lohan’s hacked “privacycunt” MySpace account is (as of tonight) in Paris Hilton’s “Top 8.” See our screencaps below:

Source credit and thanks to ONTD

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