Britney is, Like, Stupid

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Outside a popular Malibu restaurant this weekend, Britney Spears went on a rant to a group of paparazzi waiting outside. Brace yourself:

Stupid Britney

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This might be funny if everything she said wasn’t absolutely true. It’s not like the tabloids are making up stuff about you. Like saying you shaved your head while you were drunk. Or shaved your legs at a hotel pool. Or that you you attacked a car with an umbrella. Or that you put on a stripper’s bikini. Or let your three month old kid drive. Or flashed your pussy to the camera more than once. Or all the other stupid and reckless shit you’ve done over the years. That would be irresponsible journalism, and the American public just wouldn’t stand for that type of nonsense.

Britney. Wig. Hat. Boots.

Update: We could help but post this classic Britney (and K-Fed) again.

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