Paris Hilton is Scared of Jail

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Friends of Pars Hilton claims the heiress is terrified that her “life will be over” if she’s convicted of violating her probation and has to serve jail time. One month into her thirty-six month probation for DUI, Paris was pulled over by police in February who then discovered she was driving with a suspended license. For that offense, Paris could face up to 90 days behind bars.

Paris says if she goes to jail, even for just a day, her life will be over. She knows she’ll lose a lot of work if she gets a reputation as someone who has done time. Her whole career is based on her image and maintaining a fan base – she has nothing else to rely on. She’s petrified. She’s the butt of quite a few jokes in Los Angeles these days and she hates it. She’s been crying a lot, especially when she’s been drinking, and is scared that her life is falling apart. She’s missed two club appearances in the past couple of weeks. People in the industry are taking her less seriously and she doesn’t feel like she’s Hollywood’s Golden Girl any more. She’s more alone than ever before right now and this could be one situation she can’t charm her way out of.”

Nothing would make me happier than seeing this whore get exactly what she deserves, because I’m really hoping for something along the lines of “shank in the wonky eye.” If by some act of God her daddy’s millions can’t keep her out of jail, I might literally explode from happiness. So, if you see a guy explode, hey, that was me!

Paris and a sexy companion getting ice cream on April 8th:


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