Oliver Stone Loves Black People Too

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In the wake of the Don Imus controversy, Barry Michael Cooper, writer of culturally diverse films such as Sugar Hill and Above the Rim, says Oliver Stone used the “N word” at an L.A. party…wait for it…16 years ago. He says:

Oliver Stone’s my hero, so I went over to him,” Cooper recalls in StopSmiling magazine. “[I said,] ‘Man, I love your movie ‘Wall Street.’ … He said to me, ‘Okay, thank you very much. I bet you like [the Stone-scripted] ‘Scarface,’ too. All niggers like ‘Scarface.’ [Stone] stumbled off. Right before I could go after him and commit career suicide, [director] Stan [Lathan] and [hip-hop mogul] Russell [Simmons] pulled on my arm and said, ‘No you don’t. Let it go. That’s just him, he’s high.'”

Al Sharpton added:

…[This]gives me a different look at Oliver Stone. I had some respect for his work…We’ve got to stop this. We’ve got to start raising the standard of language. If [Stone] thought it was something cute that he was saying, it wasn’t.”

Sharpton couldn’t talk for long because he was on his way to Durham to apologize to the three Duke lacrosse players. No, wait, did I say “on his way to Durham to apologize?” Ok, yeah, I meant the exact opposite. My bad!

I was looking for pictures of Oliver Stone and Al Sharpton, but my computer ran and hid in a corner, so here’s Gemma Atkinson instead:


Update: In related race relations news, this guy has it all figured out:

Update II: Here’s a great article about Don Imus/Al Sharpton, etc. Thanks to “wingnut” in the comments section!

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