Joe Francis is Going to Be Somebody’s Bitch

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Just two days after his arrest on Tuesday for violating a contempt of court citation during negotiations in a civil lawsuit, Girls Gone Wild founder and CEO, Joe Francis, faces new charges after he offered a jail guard $500 for a bottled water. Later that night, 16 prescription pills were found during a search of his cell. NY Daily News reports:

Francis cried as his mother blew him a kiss while he was led from a federal court room back to his cell. “I didn’t do anything,” he told his parents as he was led away, The News Herald of Panama City reported. Francis, 34, was charged with bribing a public servant, three counts of possessing a controlled substance and five counts of introducing contraband – cash and drugs – into a detention facility. The charges are third-degree felonies punishable by up to five years in prison….The president of Mantra Films Inc., which produces the “Girls Gone Wild” videos, was arrested Thursday for supplying Francis with the pills and cash.”

It’s always amazing to see how scumbags like this react in these types of situations when they’re not insulated by their millions. More than likely, it involves a lot of crying and begging. Like now. If karma is real, pretty soon this piece of shit’s prison jumpsuit will be turned into an orange halter top and capris. Shut up and put on that lipstick, Francis. Those cigarettes aren’t gonna trade for themselves you know.

Lindsay Lohan and Kimberly Stewart. Both of them have had sex with Joe Francis.

Note: Make sure you read Claire Hoffman’s famous article from the L.A. Times on her night out with Joe Francis. Then tell me how many holes you punched in your wall.

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