Enrique Iglesias is a Coward

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During his cover shoot in Los Angeles on Monday for People en Espanol, Enrique Iglesias witnessed a Maserati being rammed by the LAPD as it tried to push the sports car off the road. Helicopters and firetrucks were also on scene. Although the ensuing foot chase happened right in front of him, Iglesias decided not to lend a hand because of the obvious reason:

Iglesias, who has a reputation as a prankster, seemed to think he might be getting “Punk’d,” and played it cool. Both the police car and the Maserati had to be towed,” says the pal. “The hotel told them later there were two convicts in the car.”

Yeah, that’s the reason. The LAPD were punking you. You. The big star, Enrique Iglesias. The international superstar who hasn’t had a hit in three years. Punking you with a car chase and helicopters. Yeah, that makes sense. What makes even more sense is that “played it cool” is publicist speak “screaming like a girl and hiding behind his assistant.” Hey Enrique, you remember the smell of that puddle you were standing in? That’s the smell of fear.

Wait, hold on…yes. Yes, these pictures still piss me off:


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