Jennifer Lopez is Awesome at Marriage

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Less than three years after their wedding, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have reportedly separated after several huge arguments and the fact that Anthony is allegedly controlling and suffocating Lopez. New York Daily News reports:

Despite marriage counseling, the couple “had a huge argument” last summer, causing Lopez to flee to a friend’s New York apartment…”Marc expected Jennifer to follow him back to New York and beg for forgiveness, but she didn’t,” a friend tells OK! “Marc is very machismo. Marc won’t let her even do a photo shoot by herself. He is always there watching, waiting.” At a Golden Globes party, “Marc [dragged] Jennifer away after spotting her dancing with another man. … He has also insisted that Jennifer sell her beloved Miami home and the Los Angeles house where they wed.”

Well, it looks like Lopez’s publicity machine is trying to roll over the American public again. It can’t be Lopez to blame. Oh heaven’s no. Never mind that she’s only 38 and her third marriage is about to end. You don’t need to be Archimedes to figure out the common denominator here. Jennifer Lopez has been a raging bitch for years, and we’re supposed to believe that Marc Anthony is beating her with a clothes hanger because she said hi to the mailman? Yeah. Marc Anthony looks like he’s on dialysis. There’s no way this guy needs anger management counseling. A blood transfusion? Now you’re talking.

Note: Of course it’s coincidence that they’re trying to make to us feel sorry for this ho six days after this comes out.

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