Roseanne Barr Kinda Makes Sense

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While co-hosting a radio show on KCAA, Roseanne Barr and her on-air guest, black lesbian activist Jasmyne Cannick, talked about gays. Roseanne talked a little more:

Never once in my 54 years have I ever once heard a gay or lesbian person who’s politically active say one thing about anything that was not about them. They don’t care about minimum wage, they don’t care about any other group other than their own self because you know, some people say being gay and lesbian is a totally narcissistic thing and sometimes I wonder. I’ve never heard any of them say anything except for “accept me ’cause I’m gay.” It’s just, it’s screwed. It’s no different than the evangelicals, it’s the same mindset. They want you to accept Jesus and you guys want us to all believe it’s ok to be gay. And a lot of us, a lot of them, I do, I don’t give a damn who anybody has sex with, as long as they’re not underage and an animal. I don’t give a damn, it’s none of my damn business. I’m just sick of all the divisiveness, it’s not getting any of us anywhere.”

Well, I guess. Everybody has an agenda. She could’ve replaced gays with Al-Qaeda or any other single interest group. But whatever, gays don’t bother me. And no, that doesn’t include you, Jake Gyllenhaal. I most certainly won’t come to your slumber party, so stop calling me.

Listen to Roseanne’s comments at the :29 minute mark here.


Britney Spears could probably use a gay stylist:

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