Tara Conner is Not Contractually Obligated

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After her reign as Miss USA, Tara Conner “vowed” to stay in New York after the 2007 Miss USA pageant to weigh her career options and surround herself with those who are helping her with life after rehab. Yeah, not so much:

But the beauty queen…suddenly dropped her plans after the L.A.-based pageant aired. Sources say she’s decided to stay on the Left Coast with a guy she met there while preparing for the show. She’s moved into his house and is trying to get a hosting gig in Tinseltown.”

Wow, this chick is basically Britney Spears with hair and a personal trainer. She has the will power of somebody in the Dateline kitchen, and when she meets a guy for five minutes it’s true love all of a sudden. But really, what more could you want? A blonde with a smoking hot body and obvious abandonment issues. I assume she has no idea where her father is, but I’d like to meet this man. And shake his hand. Well done, my friend. Well done indeed.

Tara Conner last month at Universal Studios:


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