Rose McGowan Doesn’t Care If You’re Married

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It’s no secret that Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan had an affair during the Grindhouse shoot. What we didn’t know is that production had to be shut down for over a month when Rodriguez’s wife of 16 years, producing partner and mother of his 5 children found out. Page Six reports:

The production had to shut down for a month while he recovered,” Variety reports….” When Elizabeth found out, there was an eruption of emotions – an emotional volcano…In the meantime, Rodriguez and McGowan are keeping an ultra-low profile. “They arrived in the same limo for the L.A. premiere, but they got out separately several minutes apart to avoid being seen together.”

Like, so a film director left his wife of 16 years to bang a hot piece of ass and didn’t care who knew? You’re kidding me. This never happens in Hollywood. Next you’re gonna tell me that people have unprotected sex and do drugs. Just stop it. Stop with your lies!!

Here, again, are the best (NSFW) Rose McGowan pictures ever:

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