Diddy is a Sexual Beast

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Ever the gentleman, Sean “Diddy” Combs revealed that he and girlfriend, Kim Porter, spent a romantic getaway in Paris, where he claims they had tantric sex for 30 hours.

As soon as we landed, we went straight to the Eiffel Tower, drank champagne at the top and just kissed and kissed. Then we went up to my suite and had tantric sex for at least 30 hours, ordering up whipped cream and strawberries while we were at it…As meticulous as I am with my work, I’m more meticulous with lovemaking. I like to do it for a long time.”

Sean Combs is completely trustworthy (just ask Shyne), so there’s no way he’s lying about this, right? Well, yeah, yeah he probably is. Because from the look of that banner picture, he couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without a note from his doctor. Besides, what guy wants to have sex for thirty straight hours? You think it’s just a coincidence that an NFL halftime is ten minutes long? Didn’t think so.

Hey look, totally unrelated pictures of Lucy Pinder!


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