Britney Spears is Still a Wonderful Mother

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Britney Spears hasn’t spent any real time with her kids for the better part of three months so it’s good to see that even though Kevin Federline has physical custody of their two children, she is making the most of the time she has with them. Oh wait, no. Not really. US Online reports:

A bodyguard returned the kids (and nanny, natch), to Spears, 25, at around noon Wednesday. But the dentally challenged pop star quickly popped out for more than two hours, leaving the kids home with the nanny. What could be more important than time with the kids? Getting her teeth whitened. According to Access Hollywood, Brit visited a celebrity dentist at Century City Doctors Hospital to have the Zoom whitening treatment done…”

Yeah, because white teeth is all you’re missing, Britney. White teeth is what’s going to send you right back to the top. It couldn’t possibly be a stylist or sanity. Or hair. It’s going to the dentist. And who cares if your kids develop abandonment issues? Look at the beautiful smile!

Britney (without her kids) at a restaurant on March 25th:


More of Britney’s awesome mothering skills here.

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