Lindsay Lohan Still Hates Her Dad

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Michael Lohan, Lindsay’s dad and former stockbroker, was hoping for a reconciliation with his daughter after he was released from prison on March 13th where he spent 20 months for drunk driving. When the pair talked on the phone, Lindsay was less than receptive. Page Six reports:

Lindsay Lohan finally talked to her estranged, felonious father, Michael Lohan, and told him, “You still haven’t changed. Don’t go near my mother ever again,” a source told Page Six. “It wasn’t the phone call Michael wanted.”

Like most people sent to prison or a foxhole, Michael Lohan has reportedly found religion and is anxious to prove to his daughter that he has changed. He blames Paul Sullivan, Dina Lohan’s brother, who is about to be sentenced on April 27th for mail fraud, for most of his legal troubles and his daughter alienating herself from him. He also blames him for shooting J.R. and kidnapping Adam Carrington.

Lindsay Lohan and Robbie Williams at The Tudors premiere:

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