Anna Nicole Smith: Overdose and Blood Infection?

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According to the team of doctors at The National Enquirer and Star Magazine, Anna Nicole Smith died from an overdose of the sleeping medication, chloral hydrate. However, they claim that if she hadn’t overdosed, she would have died anyway from a raging blood infection she received in the Bahamas, from injecting an unknown substance in her left buttock with an unsterilized needle three days before her death.

…By the time she got to the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino her fever was 105…As the needle-caused infection took over her body, she began vomiting, had severe diarrhea and could not urinate. On February 6, a Tuesday, Anna spent the whole day in bed. She could not keep fluids down. She was becoming severely dehydrated. On Wednesday, February 7, Anna seemed somewhat better, but she wasn’t, the source said. “She was still vomiting and suffering diarrhea,” said the source. “Again, she spent the whole day in bed, as the abscess continued to grow. She was in such pain, she just wanted to sleep.” And that’s when the final fatal mistake was made. Sometime overnight on February 7, Anna ingested the sleeping medication chloral hydrate. The drug is extremely potent. The dose was too much — and in fact it was a toxic level, the ENQUIRER and Star have learned exclusively. On Thursday, February 8, Anna never woke up…Anna Nicole also had scarring from numerous injections she got in the buttocks.”

I know, what a shock. I was skeptical at first, because to reiterate, this is The National Enquirer and Star Magazine, and sometimes they have an issue with the truth, but this sounds too scientificy not to be real. And seriously, it’s Anna Nicole Smith, what else could it possibly be? The official press conference will be held in a few days by Broward County Chief Medical Examiner Joshua Preper, so I guess we’ll find out then. But unless he’s just discovered that people can die from being laughed at or being retarded, I’m gonna go ahead and check the box marked “drugs.”