Tom Cruise is Persuasive

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Kate Holmes has reportedly turned to her best friend, Victoria Beckham, because Tom Cruise is completely insane and controlling her. A source says:

Katie has been crying over the phone. She’s frustrated. Tom is denying her every single thing…Once, Katie and Victoria talked on the phone for four hours.”

They have a lot to talk about because the Beckham household knows just how crazy Holmes’ husband is:

Victoria is sick and tired of Tom being on her back about Scientology,” says the source. “Victoria is an old-fashioned British woman who believes in God. She finds it quite rude that Tom is bugging her so much. Not too long ago, Tom left 18 messages in one hour to get them to join the church.”

Well, well, well, isn’t Victoria a little princess? What, the cloaks and torches don’t match your Chanel bag? You better wake up, sister. Because when Tom Cruise finishes the ark, who’s gonna be laughing then?

Posh and Becks on March 13th:


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