Lindsay Lohan’s Mother is in Love With Herself

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Harper’s Bazaar’s latest issue has an interview with Lindsay Lohan’s whore mom, Dina Lohan, and good lord. She is one of the most delusional people alive today. It never ceases to amaze me how people like her can spend their lives in a bubble lined with money and fame and never challenge themselves to step outside and reflect on what complete wastes of space they are. However, they’ll babble on and on about how fantastic they think they are, and play the victim whenever they’re challenged by anyone – even the paparazzi they rely on to keep their names in the tabloids and their bank accounts heavy.

Some of my favorite quotes from the article:

Look at me,” Dina Lohan said in the latest Harper’s Bazaar, in which she talked about her daughter’s run-ins with celebrity photographers. “Diana [Princess Diana] will happen again.” The mom also worked hard to get across another message – that she’s a superstar herself – as she gushed about the glamorous life she leads thanks to her troubled daughter’s celebrity. “I’m living the American dream, and you can go . . .” she exclaimed after Harper’s asked her what she would say to critics of her parenting techniques.”

She also had plenty to say about the other panty-less members of the “Bimbo Summit” – Paris Hilton and Britney Spears – who have spent many nights table-dancing and tossing back libations with her daughter. “Some of these kids are just lost,” she said. But not so lost that we shouldn’t worship them, apparently. “They’re the American dream,” she also said. “They’re the Trumps of the little world, these kids.” She also expressed her respect for Paris Hilton’s intellect. “Paris is a really smart girl, and she’s come really far,” she told Harper’s. “Paris’ mom was wonderfully embracing to me. You know, you can’t blame parents for kids.”

It’s obvious where Lindsay Lohan inherited her overinflated ego and overall unapologetic sluttiness. With that in mind, it would be nice if people would stop telling these broads they’re “hot” – just to see how they’d react. Imagine what fun it would be to snap pictures of Dina and Lindsay as they exit some super-trendy club and all the while you’re telling them what eyesores they are. I can only imagine they’d be dumb enough to say, “Oh yeah, well check this out…” and proceed to put on an incest show right there in the parking lot which would rival any backwoods dad and daughter film sponsored by the friendly neighborhood moonshine still – except with a few more teeth and a few less freckles.

Lindsay in dire need of more Photoshopping on the cover of April ’07 GQ:

Lindsay on St Patrick’s Day, not wearing green. Somebody punch pinch her:

Source and more: New York Post

Thanks to Paul for the heads up!

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