Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Want Fez

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Wilmer Valderrama arrived at Unik’s weekly karaoke party Sunday night to find his ex-girlfriend, Lindsay Lohan, on stage. When she stepped off, the magical love connection was rekindled. Uh, not really:

He tried to talk to her, but she didn’t have much time for him,” noted our spywitness. “Then he grabbed a microphone and said, ‘Lindsay, this is for you.’ ” In front of the packed house, Valderrama sang these lyrics from Matchbox 20’s “Back 2 Good…” After the guy sang his heart out, Lohan, now sitting at a table with five pals, including Samantha Ronson, yelled out for all to hear: “It’s too late!” Oh. No. You. Dih-int. “Wilmer tried to take it like a man,” says our clubgoer. “But he left a few minutes later. He headed up to PM.”

Christ, dude. I realize this is the kind of thing mariachi’s do, but you don’t need to serenade Lindsay Lohan to convince her to have sex with you. You need cocaine and about two minutes.

Lindsay on March 18th:


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