Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are on Drugs

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An episode of the upcoming 5th season of The Simple Life, in which Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were to work as children’s camp counselors, has been canceled after the pair (both on probation for DUIs) refused to take a mandatory camp drug test. Jerry Silverman, the head of Foundations For Jewish Camping said:

Counselors are trained, recruited and tested. We take (it) very seriously.”

Um, maybe we should test the people who agreed to let them work at this camp because who let these two skanks around kids? They’d probably show up with a 12-pack and a bag of weed. A bunch of 8 year olds tripping on ecstasy and learning how to give handjobs probably isn’t the fun-filled experience of discovery and adventure their parents had in mind.

Paris and an unidentified stain on her dress on March 13th:


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