Bam Margera’s Wife is Naked

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I didn’t watch Bam’s Unholy Union since Bam is only fun to watch on Jackass. I mean, this show might have been good, but I wouldn’t know because I can’t run the risk of watching things I can only assume will suck. What if I die and the last half hour of my life was wasted waiting for something entertaining to happen on Bam’s Unholy Union, then it never does and somebody finds me dead with the closing credits rolling. I mean, my loved ones could potentially sue Bam’s Unholy Union for causing my death, but there’s no fun in that for me. I’m dead. What do I get? An autographed picture of Bam in my casket? No thanks. If it’s not an autographed picture of Pat Sajak or Gene Rayburn, it wasn’t worth dying for.

So, anyway, this naked girl is Bam’s new wife, Missy, and I have no idea whether these (NSFW) pictures are from Playboy, Hustler or Fug Weekly, but it’s a slow news day, so here you go.

Thanks to Matt for sending these. More from this set at Wrestle With Jimmy.

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