300 is Offensive

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The Iranian government is denouncing 300, the blockbuster film about the Battle of Thermopylae, citing it was created to spread lies in order to launch “cultural and psychological warfare” against Iranians. The New York Post reports:

Hollywood declares war on Iranians,” read a headline in the moderate newspaper Ayandeh-No. A front-page article charged that the film spreads the lie that Iran “has long been the source of evil, and modern Iran’s ancestors are the ugly murderous savages you see in ‘300.’”

Just so we’re clear, a Hollywood movie offends you, but terrorism and your treatment of women isn’t a problem? Awesome. I can see why you’re upset though, because we all know that Hollywood movies based on comic books always strive for historical accuracy. No factual detail is too small in 300, especially the mutant rhinoceroses and giants. It was just like reading a history book!

Fun fact: In the actual account, the Persian king, Xerxes, cuts off Spartan Leonidas’ head and crucifies his body. This was not shown in the film.

Queen Gorgo, Lena Headey: