Jennifer Hudson is Grateful

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In another incident to support her growing diva reputation, Jennifer Hudson called and tried to back out of the performing at the Soul Train Awards even hough she was scheduled to receive the Sammy Davis Jr. Award for Entertainer of the Year.

Jennifer called Friday and said she couldn’t make it,” said our source. “Soul Train” producer Don Cornelius immediately called Clive Davis…”Clive called Jennifer and read her the riot act. He said, ‘Get you’re ass out to L.A.’ and then hung up on her. The strong talk from her de facto boss evidently worked because “she showed up.”

After winning an Oscar, it must be hard to get excited about winning an award named after a dude with a glass eye. In fact, it might be hard even if you didn’t win an Oscar, because to be fair, it’s a Soul Train Music award. It’s only slightly more prestigious than a Best Handwriting sticker.