Leonardo DiCaprio’s Bodyguards Get Arrested

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During a trip to Jerusalem with this girlfriend, model Bar Refaeli, a pair a Leoonardo DiCaprio’s bodyguards were arrested and detained by Israeli police after they were involved in a fight near the Western Wall. TMZ reports:

DiCaprio and Refaeli were taking a private tour of the Western Wall tunnels, Reuters reports, and photographers waited outside the tunnels for the couple, whose visit has stirred up a media frenzy in Israel. “Two of [DiCaprio’s] security guards were arrested by police after being involved in a fight that broke out,” said Micky Rosenfeld, a police spokesman, to Reuters. “They are being questioned.”

I guess the holiest site in Jerusalem is a good place to have a fight. Especially when everyone is talking foreign. There’s not telling what those crazy people might do. They could read me a bedtime story and it would still sound like they wanted to kill me. No wonder his bodyguards attacked. Just like I did to the guy who pumps my gas. I’m sorry dude, but that didn’t sound like “unleaded” to me.

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