Penelope Cruz is Crazy, Too

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Penelope Cruz split with Scientology homer, Tom Cruise, in 2004, but sources say she has been secretly studying the religion ever since. Cruz, a Spanish citizen, is rumored to make frequent trips to the Scientology Celebrity Center whenever she’s in L.A.

She was a regular visitor at the Scientology Celebrity Center in the two weeks leading up to the Academy Awards. A source said: “She spent several afternoons there. When she’s in Los Angeles, she goes often.”

Penelope Cruz just went from mildly annoying to mindless idiot. Scientology is a freakish cult that would make more sense if it was based on Shirt Tales. At this point, I’m more surprised Penelope Cruz isn’t assassinating the President or trying to spin straw into gold, because convincing a woman who follows a cult that involves volcanoes and space aliens to do that kinda stuff would seem pretty easy to me.