Britney Spears is a Wonderful Mother Part 2

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TMZ is reporting that prior to Britney Spears’ first stint in rehab, she visited the Miami clothing store Bebe where she appeared “out of it.” Insanity ensued:

…Brit handed over her kids to the store’s salespeople so she could peruse the racks of clothes. The gal’s got priorities! When it came time to try the items on, Spears didn’t bother with a pesky dressing room — and stripped down right in the middle of the store — in front of staff and other customers! We’re told the “Toxic” singer even tried out some new dance moves for her shocked audience.”

Ooh, how hot that must’ve been! A deranged, bloated inbred trying to be sexy as everybody else was dodging hair extensions and barbecue sauce. Meanwhile, Britney’s kids were trying to find the break room because they haven’t eaten in about three days.

Here are the pictures of Britney in a wig and borrowed bikini before rehab again because they’re funny, and we’re lazy:

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Britney Spears is a Wonderful Mother

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