Paris Hilton Hates Old People, Too

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Paris Hilton was in a Beverly Hills grocery store recently and did what we all would if we saw a sweet little elderly woman blocking the aisle – she rammed the old lady with her cart.

Paris…shrieked, “That’s what you get for being rude and blocking the aisle!” Stunned, the addled dame yelled, “You’re the one who’s rude, slamming me with your cart!” The manager came running, recognized the elderly slam-ee as a regular, and firmly told Paris to shop elsewhere if she couldn’t act polite and respectful. Paris abandoned battle-cart and groceries – and stormed out.”

If this story tells us anything, it’s that elderly ultimate fighting still has a long way to go before it’s fully recognized in this country. This would’ve been the perfect opportunity to showcase to the world the millions of senior citizens who fight to the death in underground clubs each day before 4:30 p.m. Would I be willing to sacrifice Paris for this cause? Yes, yes I would, because that’s the code of an elderly ultimate fighter – no retreat, no surrender.

Paris on March 4th:


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