Male Models Have Hard Days

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Here’s a video that Google Video paid us to promote since people spend big money getting their stuff featured over there. And thank God because I was just dying to know what a day in the life of male model, Pedro Andrade, is like. The least gay thing about his day is nothing. You don’t even need pink feathers or gay sex to gay it up, because it’s gay enough. Which is fine, but it’s still a trip to look at pictures of these steroid beefcake models and then catch videos of the “real” them when they’re limp wristed and sassy. It reminds me of a caption I read in Maxim magazine (back when it used to be funny) which read, “Six-Pack Abs = Gay,” and I’m starting to think they were right.

Since I don’t follow the modelling world around, here’s the only other male model I could think of, Markus Schenkenberg: