Beyonce Might Have Hepatitis

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Guests at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue party on February 14th have been urged by the Los Angeles County Department of Health to receive a vaccination after it was discovered that one of Wolfgang Puck’s prep cooks had acute hepatitis A. Beyonce and several Sports Illustrated models were in attendance. The president of Wolfgang Puck Catering, Carl Schuster, said:

While the risk of infection is low, we will continue to work with the Health Department to bring a speedy and thorough resolution to this investigation. Our catering efforts continue, and we remain confident that our guests will receive the highest standards of excellence for which Wolfgang Puck is known.”

A hepatitis outbreak in a room full of 5’10”, 115 pound women is never a good thing, but Beyonce should be ecstatic. I don’t know if anybody told her or not, but when she and Jennifer Hudson performed at the Oscars, I really couldn’t tell them apart. Beyonce has a pretty face but from the waist down it looks like she’s wearing the bottom half of a horse costume. Hepatitis can’t do anything but help. Never mind that 103 degree fever, just look at that weight falling off! Oh yeah, work it bitch!