Eddie Murphy is Gracious

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In the biggest upset of the evening, Alan Arkin beat out heavily favored Eddie Murphy to win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. I guess Eddie Murphy didn’t like this because he immediately stormed out of the Kodak Theatre as soon as the winner was announced. Described as “definitely not smiling” as he left his seat, Murphy left prior to Jennifer Hudson’s win and the Dreamgirls’ female casts’ musical performance. Murphy’s publicist, Arnold Robinson said:

Eddie had always planned on leaving after his category was announced to spend the rest of the evening with his family.”

Yeah, leaving to spend time with your family sounds a lot better than stomping off like a little bitch. Even though Eddie Murphy is well known to be an arrogant prick, you have to at least give him credit for being a jealous little girl in front of Alan Arkin’s face. Most self-absorbed narcissists avoid real confrontation like Lindsay Lohan avoids condoms.

Beyonce at the Oscars: