Kevin Federline is So Gonna Win

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Sources tell US Online that Kevin Federline and Lynne Spears, Britney’s mother, have been caring for the couple’s children – Sean Preston, 17 months, and Jayden James, 5 months – while Britney continues to go off the deep end. Julie Bleak, Federline’s mother, has also flown to L.A. to lend a helping hand. In a complete reversal of fortune, Britney’s family calls Federline a “blessing” and are reportedly impressed with how he has handled this whole ordeal. Britney, not so much:

Britney’s family found out from the news this morning that Britney had left the rehab. Britney has not asked to see the kids because she knows she is not well and she does not want to scare Preston. She has no credit cards or cash. She is basically on the run at the moment.”

Wow. Not even six months ago I was training panthers to attack anything walking out of Britney’s house wearing a wife beater and unlaced Timberland’s, now K-Fed is the obvious choice to get custody of the kids. There’s nothing he could do at this point that would make him look like the “bad” parent. He could show up in court covered in blood and wearing an apron and latex gloves and his attorney would just say, “Your honor, have you seen Britney’s wig?” Case closed.

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