More Britney Spears Crap

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ExtraTV reports the following happened prior to (probably awake for days in dire need of sleep, cranked and paranoid) Britney checking herself into rehab yesterday:

We have also learned where Britney fled to Friday night after daring to go bald; she reportedly showed up at L.A.’s chic Mondrian Hotel in an electric blue wig. Sources revealed that Brit was seen shaving her legs at the pool and crying after she was refused a room. “She didn’t have any credit cards, she didn’t have any cash… I don’t even believe she had any I.D.,” dished US Weekly’s Katrina Szish. Szish added that Brit’s bizarre behavior was noted by the staffers who dished, “she was depressed and confused.”

Attached are pictures of Britney in her super nice platinum wig and fedora as she left a lawyer’s office today. TMZ reports the lawyer is Blair Berk, who represents Lindsay Lohan, Halle Berry and Tracy Morgan among others. It’s also not likely this is in regard to her divorce since Berk is a criminal defense attorney and Britney’s still represented by Laura Wasser in the divorce court arena.

There are also several reports hitting the wires that say Britney was seen visiting a tattoo parlor right after she checked herself out of rehab, but the shop was closed. She was also allegedly seen buying vodka at a grocery store near her house before heading to her Malibu, CA home.

This chick has millions of dollars to blow (no pun intended), but wears less believable costume wigs than I’ve worn (NSFW, I’m not the naked girl). Sadly, judging from her compulsive retarderrific wardrobe choices, she probably thinks this look is a good one. Since I feel she could benefit from a sense of humor about herself, here are some (very crude, I suck at Photoshop) wig choices I think are better suited for her.

Update: Uh oh, K-Fed really wants those babies. He asked a judge for an emergency hearing tomorrow, and only he and his attorney are scheduled to appear. Check out TMZ for the full story.